Friday, 30 June 2017

Important Factors of PSD To Magento Conversion!!!

Today, Magento is considered as the most prominent eCommerce systems on the planet. This open source platform runs in PHP and sustains considerable visual as well as UI customization. Here, we discussed all the essentials for transforming PSD to Magento.

First of all, you need to understand that the PSD to Magento Conversion is certainly not an easy task as this procedure is lengthy and also challenging. It also calls for proficiency over several languages, and PSD to Magento also need a detailed understanding of the Magento platform. So, before starting before starting PSD to Magento theme conversion, you will certainly require the following:

1. Understanding of the need of the PSD to Magento:
Before opting for PSD to Magneto conversion, you first should understand the basic need of your business. You should do the total analysis of your business and thing would like to include on your Magento site. You need to decide why PSD to Magneto theme conversation benefit your business.

2. The budget of the project:
Budget is an important factor. You should plan well and hire a PSD to Magento Development Company which fit in your budget. It is also important to have a fair idea about what all you need and what all features should be included on your site. Based on this analysis, you can select PSD to Magento a development service which meets the requirements of different business organizations.

3. Sliced PSD layout:
The initial Photoshop file should prepare to use the Magento style. You should have different templates for every page on your website you can also find out how should also need to learn how to cut PSD design templates in this training course on transforming PSD to HTML/CSS.

4. Images:
You will certainly require both placeholder graphics for on-page aspects, along with a logo as well as favicon. Having these available will make the conversion process dramatically smoother.

5. Fonts:
 If you want to utilize any personalized typefaces, you need to, Therefore; it is ideal to use a service like Typekit or Google Fonts.

6. Development setting:
Before creating Magento themes, it’s very much important to have the Magento development atmosphere. You could use WAMP, LAMP or MAMP for hosting purpose.

Fully completed Magento design template should also have other important complaints like:

1. The HTML and CSS code should be W3C compliant. It should follow the criteria set by W3C. You can find compliance at the W3C validator.
2. The HTML code was written should be SEO friendly, that is, it should be suitable HTML tags to guarantee a search friendly experience.
3. Cross web browser compatibility is crucial so that internet site should render seamlessly in all preferred browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
4. The style needs to be quick additionally, should be upgraded pleasant, as well as have to follow high specifications of usability.

To get the best PSD to Magento services, Pixlogix is a professional PSD to Magento service Provider Company, which has a team of PSD to Magento developers. Pixlogix is also offering bespoke Magento e-commerce development and theme customization services within your budget. All you need to do is contact us and send your complete requirement, and out efficient Magneto Developers provide the best result for your project.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Three Most Essential Things to Remember for Building Better Responsive website

Over the years, designers use a simple responsive web sign approach, which is surely an ideal solution for multi-device support. However, in the recent time, when there is so much competition in the market it is very difficult to get noticed by the users. For designing any websites, there are some important changes that you need to make into your website. To provide quality responsive web design services for the clients, you should three most essential things which are given below:

1. Content-First Design:
When you want to create a responsive web design product, you need to have a fully-developed prototype to create the context for his design. Moreover, the shape of a product and uses cases are some critical factors that you should consider during their responsive web design process. Without a clear idea of what a product is, designers are sometimes forced to create appropriate packaging.

Today beginning a responsive web design without content is like creating the product without the clear plan. Moreover, starting with content also helps you to decide how to best present it to users. In a responsive web design starting with content also allows you to prioritize what is most important. This content hierarchy will become important for you to take the layout decisions for the different breakpoints while designing the responsive website.

For that, you should talk to your client at the beginning of the project and develop an adequate content strategy and any web design company which provides that service or in case another team handles it, then involve them also in the responsive web designing process to get the best result.

2. Mobile-First Design:
With actual, well thought-out content in hand, you need to think about how that content needs to be presented and prioritized. This can easily be done by using a Mobile-First approach.
Mobile-First web design approach is certainly a significant shift from the regular web design process where the designer always thinks about the desktop-centric design layout. In this kind of approach, there are many screen sizes to work with, starting small element helps you to determine what are the elements and the content portion is essential for the project. It can also display what content is not important at all and therefore remove it from all versions of the web design for small devices. A section’s priority also proves useful to decide how and where to present it for various breakpoints.

3. Building to The Design, Not for the Devices:
When using responsive design for Web projects, the responsive web design service provider firm should focus on screen sizes. Over time, it has been considering the right approach because it just takes care of the devices and screen sizes that were popular in the current time and not those that may come in future. One of the most important strengths of the responsive Web design is its future-friendly aspect. To fully realize that strength, the designers should build a responsive design which works seamlessly across all the devices.

Thus, after, considering all the given points for building responsive web design you need to hire experienced Responsive Web Design Company like Pixlogix who have experienced web design team to cater the need of the modern responsive website designing for the website to create the better visual appeal of that website.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Top Reasons for Choosing PSD to HTML Conversion Service!!!

The responsive web design is growing trend in the world of web design.Today it is essential for building websites which are compatible with all the devices. PSD to HTML helpful to make it possible to create easy access which works across all types of screen sizes and devices.  This article highlights some most obvious reasons why businesses need PSD to HTML conversion services:

1.Creation of all-browser-compatible websites:
It is the first reasons why PSD to HTML conversion proves useful for you as business owners, as it allows you to design responsive websites which can be viewed regardless of the screen or device size. Moreover, this conversion also offers seamless irrespective of the browser type. That's because most of the online user uses Mozilla and Chrome, to target the majority of the online consumers.

2.Smooth coding:
As an owner, if you are using professional PSD to HTML conversion then the web design becomes certainly a lot easier for slicing PSD format images to optimize for web page display. Furthermore, smooth coding also means that that the validation process becomes very easy which also include cascading and linking style sheets.

3. Improved Search Engine Visibility:
The ultimate purpose of every website lies in taking the platform to a wider audience base. To make this to happen successfully, it is vital that your website designed with the help of an HTML. In this regard, PSD to HTML conversion can help you to improve significant traffic you’re your website which eventually helps to increase clients that you have currently.

4.Builds brand identity:
One of the simple ways to earn online and offline brand equity for building the reputation of your website is by using the professional PSD to HTML conversion. This process will build your website which uniquely identifies the business or brand you want to promote. You’ll also have the chance to create something which looks unique, with elements that set you apart from the competition and helps your business to reach the top.

5.Enhanced user experience and website quality:
The PSD to HTML conversion also helps you to develop a good plan layout for developing the high-quality website which admires by your consumer. It is also helpful to create a website that is easy to use and navigate from page to page, which results into longer website sessions which ultimately translate to more conversions for your website.

6.Dynamic functionality implementation:
Today, technology advances at the rapid speed thus website design should not have left behind. Recently we have seen lots of new technologies in the world of design, from animation and parallax design. By using PSD to HTML conversion service also helps you to create a static layout for building the dynamic functionality according to actions taken by the user.

Thus, opting from PSD to HTML India is always in the benefit of the clients as they get the work done in users. This technique is just outstanding when it comes to registering the presence of the websites over the web. For that, all you need to do is to hire PSD HTML service provider firm that can provide quality conversion work to you. It is also advisable that you should opt for the experienced web development firm that has vast knowledge and expertise about this field.  

Monday, 19 June 2017

Magento Contact form Extension for Profitable Business !!!!

If your website has an easy contact form, then it serves as a great helping hand for the e-commerce store owners to include an e-contact or inquiry form in the website with ease. This form enables the user to submit their details or feedback through the contact or feedback form. Once submit button is clicked, it goes to the e-commerce store owner in HTML format.

Magento contact form extension makes it easier to include the quick contact form on your e-commerce website from anywhere, thus easy operation and handling. Magento form builder that includes CAPTCHA enabled contact form extension safeguards your website from spammers. These contact forms can be configured in such a way that, the email is sent or messages are sent to database admin panel.

Some of the unique features of Magento contact form extension are as under:
-          All the emails get stored in the admin panel that can be viewed by the admin as and when required.
-          CAPTCHA function can be included in the contact form extension.

-          The functionality of ‘file upload’ is available for the users.
-          Magento form builder also enables the website owner to include inquiry form on products listings which is very helpful for any online business.
-          From the Magento, dashboard admin can send replies.
-          Here widget code is available through which form can be added to a CMS page.  
-          The installation is simple and fast.
-          Users get to know Magento programming practices.
-          With Magento contact form extension, you can even create a good quality of content and review the results in short span of time.

The above points signify the relevancy of imbibing Magento contact form extension in your e-commerce website. It gives a professional and reliable look to a website, which is a huge plus point for any website that is into buying and selling activities.

Pixlogix has niche name in the field of Magento form builder, serving successfully many e-commerce websites. Happy and satisfied clients are what we strive for through our affordable and reliable services. We provide Magento contact form extension services right from big e-commerce giants to small business owners with same professionalism and perfection. To get in touch with our customer care executive ‘CLICK HERE’ 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Six reasons why your eCommerce website needs a Magento Blog Extension ?

The blog has become a vital element for any website as it allows to express your views about the product that you want to promote. However, Magento Blog Extension can work wonder if you are eCommerce store owner. It is helpful to optimize the blog content for SEO to increase the visibility over the web. The Blog extension allows you to create blogging platform including RSS feeds.

There, are so many reasons why you should use Magento Blog Extension in your website here, I have discussed some of them:

1. Helps you to stay connected with your target audience:

Typically, e-commerce blogging does not involve direct marketing and promotion of your services or products. However, that does not mean that you will not use this form of marketing.  If you add Blog extension, then you can discuss the latest update in the industry along with the services you are offering to your customers.

2.Optimize Your Website for SEO:
Setting up an e-commerce blog by adding Magento blog extension surely allows you to optimize your site for the SEO. However, if you include Best Blog extension in your eCommerce store and do the regular blogging, then your site will be rank higher on Google search engine results pages. Moreover, blogging generates positive effects on rankings for many websites and certainly increase the sale of your online store.

3. Gives Various Entry Points to Your Ecommerce Site:
It is very much clear that the more content you post, the more pages you will have on your site. Moreover, if you have more pages in your site, then you can create more entry points to your visitors that will ultimately lead them to your product pages. It also inspires your visitor to buy from your eCommerce store.

4.  Allows you to Address a Problem about Your Services and Products:
There are many times you will lose customers because he or she faces an issue with any product or service and not prefer to discuss that issue by calling in the customer care. At that time, along with FAQ adding the best blog extension for Magneto e-commerce store proves very useful as you can describe your products and services and common problems confronted by them. This way you can create additional trust among your customers. 

5. Give You Recognition as An Industry Expert:
 All the Articles and news that you post on your blog will show to your visitors your expertise in the industry that you are current operating. Moreover, after installing Blog extension if you are sharing high-quality and relevant posts with your readers helps to remain top of your business constantly.

6. It Helps Establish a Loyal Online Community:
Businesses which uses the Best Magneto Blog Extension to create their blog allow your readers to express their views on their blog posts, making them feel that their view on the topic is as important. This feeling surely helps you to create the loyal online community of your blog followers. It works wonder if you’re actively responding every comment and email that you receive from people.

Thus, we can say you can significantly increase the business by installing Best Blog Extension for your Magento eCommerce store. It also gives you an edge over your competitors which surely help you to reach and remain top of your business.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Extended Benefits of PSD to Wordpress Conversion with Pixlogix

In the field of web design and development PSD to WordPress is one of the most widely used services for end users. The reason for this popularity is part of the WordPress Content Management System, which is easily accessible, free of charge, easy to maintain and use. The entire software is available online with free Wordpress templates, which is very useful for non-programmers to create simple but functional web sites. One of the best features, WordPress can be customized. Therefore, site owners can make changes easily as required.

Convert PSD to WordPress theme provides platform to combine two powerful tools with great results. If you have any formatting in Photoshop, it can be converted to WordPress. This is the best way to create an attractive website that stands out from the crowd and builds a strong corporate foundation.
Websites are all close to the same, so how do they look different and stand out from the crowd? PSD WordPressConversion is the Answer! It offered much needed unique and appealing to some site.
Here are some reasons that this service is very popular and desirable among users:

1. PSD to WordPress offers improved navigation experience. WordPress is a content management system that includes a few built-in user-friendly features. The converter provides good navigational experiences and improvisations.

2. Convert PSD to WordPress template works offers a number of benefits. This makes SEO a friendly website that is a crucial list of top search engine results. Users can enjoy a wealth of tailor-made SEO-friendly features, such as an SEO extension that allows metadata, meta description and meta keywords to be added, and more.

3. Websites are compatible with different browsers and there are more opportunities to find and click. This is one of the most important reasons why some sites are very popular among the masses. With PSD, WordPress makes any web browser compatible, meaning that a particular web site has all the major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari. A powerful reason why we need web browser compatible web sites, millions of online users, and not all of them use the browser.

4. If you want to achieve pixel perfection, the answer is undoubtedly WordPress to PSD. It is well known that Photoshop is the best image editing tool that can make your website look great and also help you navigate easily. One of the special features of the PSD extension, even the quota parts of your file retain the pixel of the same pixel. This means that perfection has been achieved.

5. If you want to increase scalability and flexibility for your site, use WordPress. Using it, you can access multiple web pages and broadcasts without disturbing the actual encoding of the web add-on.

6. Conversion is an easy process. The first thing that is required to launch PSD to WordPress basic information is readily available. Many online courses that help convert PSD to WordPress files there. Therefore, it is easy to acquire web designer or developer projects simply do not need it.

Pixlogix selection for all PSD to Wordpress conversion services. A customer-driven company with offshore development using best practices and tested methods for WordPress themes. Get Started Now!