Monday, 19 June 2017

Magento Contact form Extension for Profitable Business !!!!

If your website has an easy contact form, then it serves as a great helping hand for the e-commerce store owners to include an e-contact or inquiry form in the website with ease. This form enables the user to submit their details or feedback through the contact or feedback form. Once submit button is clicked, it goes to the e-commerce store owner in HTML format.

Magento contact form extension makes it easier to include the quick contact form on your e-commerce website from anywhere, thus easy operation and handling. Magento form builder that includes CAPTCHA enabled contact form extension safeguards your website from spammers. These contact forms can be configured in such a way that, the email is sent or messages are sent to database admin panel.

Some of the unique features of Magento contact form extension are as under:
-          All the emails get stored in the admin panel that can be viewed by the admin as and when required.
-          CAPTCHA function can be included in the contact form extension.

-          The functionality of ‘file upload’ is available for the users.
-          Magento form builder also enables the website owner to include inquiry form on products listings which is very helpful for any online business.
-          From the Magento, dashboard admin can send replies.
-          Here widget code is available through which form can be added to a CMS page.  
-          The installation is simple and fast.
-          Users get to know Magento programming practices.
-          With Magento contact form extension, you can even create a good quality of content and review the results in short span of time.

The above points signify the relevancy of imbibing Magento contact form extension in your e-commerce website. It gives a professional and reliable look to a website, which is a huge plus point for any website that is into buying and selling activities.

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