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Wix vs WordPress - Which Is the Best Platform to Build Your Website? (Pros and Cons)

Wix vs Wordpress Which is best platform to build website

In today’s world,  a website is necessary — as the world is getting digitalized, and to show your online presence and generate business revenue. Are you trying to decide between Wix vs WordPress to build your website?
Wix and WordPress are popular website building platform, Wix is a tool which is cloud-based web development that allows a user to create websites with simple, drag-and-drop tools, and WordPress is an open source platform with blogging and many other facilities.

Here is the list of pros and cons:

Wix Pros:

Easy to Use: 

Wix has a nice UI with drag and drops functionality so the user can select from the themes which are preloaded after sign in the site.

Auto-Maintenance and User Support:

Wix is a proprietary website so it is auto maintained and the support available is 24*7 so sure can contact anytime for the query.

Great for Beginners & Quality Control:

As coding is not required, so it is great for starters and with paid service, it gives a great tool for developing the site.

Wix Pros & Cons for build website

Wix Cons:

Cost & Plugin Limitations:

Wix is not open source, so it has subscription fees and the plugins and themes options are limited.

No Custom Domains & Poor E-commerce:

There are no freely available customs domains, and the E-commerce facility is available in higher plans only.

Wix Branding:

If you are selected free plan of wix, then your website will automatically include advertisements and branding for wix itself, which is look like unprofessional and not looking genuine website so visitors not like that type of site. 

WordPress Pros:

No Cost:

WordPress is open source, so it is free, the user can download the latest version and can develop any site, as themes and plugins can be freely available for WordPress.

Lots of Plugins:

Wordpress offers more than 45K plugins most of them are free and easy to implement.


Wardress offers free and paid themes so the user can do customization according to its needs and desire.

Wordpress Pros Why Wordpress is better website platform


WordPress is SEO friendly so a user can boost its online presence by using keywords.


Wordpress is secure and safe to use, there are many plugins available for security and backup.

Custom Domains:

word press runs on custom domains site so the user can select their available domains name for their choice.

Built-In Blog and E-commerce:

WordPress has come a long way from just blogging tool to e-commerce giant so a user can blog as well as develop e-commerce shop as it offers different plugins for a payment gateway.

WordPress Cons:

Frequent Updates:

It has frequent updates, so the user has to update site, themes, and plugins at certain time interval.

Wordpress Cons for build website

Complex Page Builder:

the user needs to have a coding understanding as it doesn’t have drag and drop facility.

User Support:

WordPress is open source, so it has community and not dedicated team.

Wix and WordPress are both great so the user needs to decide what to use and how to use, if sure is still confused then following points will help them to decide.

Why Should Use Wix:

•    Simple drag and drop that requires no knowledge
•    Easy to maintain
•    Limited themes and customization And if willing to pay a certain amount then go for WIX.

Why Should Choose WordPress:

•    Free and open source
•    Robust in plugins, themes, and customization
•    Flexible and GUI based user-friendly
•    Customizable in any way possible in any projects

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